A fruit banana full of flavor

flavour Amburn is a very popular fruit among all. Banana is considered to be one of the oldest food crops in the world. There is an opinion that the native of Banana is native to Southeast Asia.

The annual banana production in the world is close to 100 million tonnes and over 1000 varieties of banana have been discovered. They fall into two categories: fruit bananas and steamed bananas.


Nutrition in banana

One hundred grams of a well-nourished banana contains 116 kilos of energy and 70 grams of water. Sodium and low fat are very beneficial for heart patients and people with high blood pressure. Banana is also beneficial for patients with stomach ulcers and arthritis. Bananas are also popular as a digestible food for infants.

The leading banana growers in the world

African countries, Latin American countries, and Southeast Asian countries are the major banana growers in the world. The Philippines, Ecuador, the Caribbean, Colombia and Costa Rica are the largest banana exporting countries.

Banana cultivation

Good planting should be selected for successful harvesting. There are three types of swords, swords and foliage.

When planting, remove the leaves and sprouts in the bush and make sure that the roots of the bush are well exposed to the sun. You can get good results by applying a fungicide before planting the sapling. This is used by the new villagers in the stove.

Properties of banana

Banana fruit


Diabeta has little benefit because they contain too much glucose and sucrose. But it is a very fruitful fruit for children. A banana is a fruit that ripens, but producesAmburnc.

Ambun, Anamalu, HeatTuvalua, Puvalu

These bananas are beneficial for people with diabetes and have a rustic quality. Good for patients. Contains Antacid, which eliminates stomach inflammation.


It is a very good fruit for high blood pressure patients and heart patients. The banana is used to produce drugs for the disease because of its anti-sexual properties.

There is no need for more examples of flavouring flavor. Researchers have also found that bananas have the ability to enhance the memory of children.

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