Anodha is a fruit with many advantages

Anodha or anonah is a fruit with many advantages. We can reap great health benefits by washing our meals.
The scientific name of the plant Anodas is “Annonasquamosa”. The plant was initially found in the Annona region (a town in the state of Texas, USA), but it is believed to have originated from tropical America and the West Indies.


This is a sweet and nutty fruit with a slight taste of coconut and pears.
As we all know, an eagle is a pale green and bluish green. Also, the pomegranate milk is white and dark yellow.
About 30 bones are inserted in one bore, and a well ripened bore can easily remove the husk. This delicious fruit smoothie can be made into a milkshake, an ice cream and a dessert.
It is rich in nutrition, vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals.

A cup of raw Anoda or 250 grams of raw Anoda contains these things.

Vitamin C- 151% / 90.8mg
Vitamin B6- 25% / 0.500mg
Fiber – 44% / 11g
Thiamine- 18% / 0.275mg
Riboplavin- 17% / 0.282mg
Potassium- 13% / 617.50mg
magnesium- 13 % / 52.50 mg
Copper- 11% / 0.215mg
Nicotinic acid- 11% / 2.208mg
Folate- 9% / 35.00mcg
Iron- 8% / 1.50mg

Here are some of the most important health benefits we can get from Anoda


Preventing anemia

Anemia can occur when the body’s potassium deficiency causes the body’s blood cell production to decline. Anoda is an iron-rich fruit that helps prevent anemia.

Improving Heart Health

Vitamin B6 contained in the anode prevents the production of “homocysteine”, an amino acid that causes blood clots.
This vitamin can also protect you from serious illnesses such as heart disease and stroke caused by amino acids.
Magnesium contained in the body helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and relaxes the heart muscle. In addition, these compounds contained in the anode can help alleviate excess fatigue.
Although heart disease is caused by a deficiency of magnesium in our body. Eating 100 grams of fresh and washed daily can easily achieve 10% of your daily intake of magnesium.


Maintaining a Healthy Eyesight

Vitamin A in the form of antioxidants strengthens the vision of the eyes. The vitamins contained in the anode also help to expel the harmful microorganisms in the eye’s retina and retina.

Preventing Asthma

Vitamin C in the body helps prevent asthma. Vitamin C boosts the body’s antioxidant power and helps prevent the risk of asthma.
The fruit is also rich in Vitamin B6, which cures inflammation of the pancreas which takes air into the lungs.
Magnesium and potassium combinations relax the pancreas and smooth the muscles of the esophagus. With the combination of the fruit and the anti-painkillers, we can easily protect ourselves from asthma.

Regulating sugar levels in the body

44% of the fiber contained in the fruit is absorbed into the body. Because of this, we are easily protected from the second stage of diabetes.


Bone strengthening

Our bodies need magnesium to protect our bones and protect them from diseases like osteoporosis. This magnesium is exactly what we need. In addition, it activates vitamin D in our body and accelerates the absorption of calcium by the bones.

Maintaining the health of the thyroid gland

Thyroid gland releases hormones that are vital to our body. Since fruit is rich in copper, it balances the release of thyroid hormone, known as thyroxine.

Supporting skin and hair health

Due to the high amount of vitamin D in your body, eating healthy can help you find the answers to many health problems. Vitamin D is also available in the body to help us grow and maintain a healthy hair.

Preventing pregnancy related problems

Vitamins B, B9, and folate, which are present in anodia, help prevent various problems in the developing baby’s nervous system during pregnancy.

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