Green Tea – A Tea from the Far East

Green tea is a kind of tea that has been very popular in China and Japan for centuries and has recently seen a massive explosion in popularity in the West

Green tea
Green tea

Its rise is linked in many ways to that of the alternative health movement, which sees green tea as having a range of traditional healing properties and abilities to cure diseases.

Although these claims have not been proven, there is the documentation for belief in them that goes back over a thousand years.

China and japan

Some green tea is produced outside China and Japan, but it is mostly considered to be cheap imitations of the ‘real thing’ and not worth paying attention to, with the possible exception of a few Indian teas.

Green tea leaves
Green tea leaves

In Japan, green tea is used as part of a ‘tea ceremony’,

a Buddhist tradition where tea is specially prepared and served to the people present.

participating in the ceremony at all requires intimate knowledge of how it works, meaning that few non-Japanese have ever done so.

Green tea
Green tea

Tea holds an interesting place in Chinese culture, too, with making tea often being used as a means of non-verbal communication to express sentiments like “I’m sorry” or “thank you”.

The mythos surrounding tea in Eastern cultures allows the Western green tea drinker to feel that they are taking part in

something ancient, traditional and mysterious simply by drinking green tea, and to a certain extent, they are.

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